A Conversation with the Authors

The Iron Relic Book I: The Crossing is an exciting and inspirational thriller of faith, miracles and the quest for eternal life. It follows pediatric oncologist Adam Calhoun's search for the truth behind a religious relic believed to possess the healing powers of Christ.

The Iron Relic: Origins is the action packed, historical adventure prequel to Book I. This fast paced, War novella follows Henry Calhoun during World War I fighting for the Allied forces in Europe, being injured and left for dead and ultimate discovering history's greatest treasure! 



What’s the story behind writing the book?

We didn’t initially set out to write a novel. We originally were writing The Iron Relic as a 3 part mini-series for television. Then as our excitement grew, the story evolved into a two part book series.

What type of experience do you hope readers will have while reading The Iron Relic Book I: The Crossing?

A fantastic comment we have received from readers of the book is that it reads like they are watching a movie. Our goal was to write a very visual and fast paced book with a captivating story.

Who is your target reader?

The book was written to be a fun adventure story for all readers regardless of faith background. If you love mystery stories, historical references or adventure thrillers, we think you’ll enjoy our book.

Does a person need an understanding of biblical history to enjoy the book?

A person doesn’t have to be an expert in the bible, in the same way they don’t have to be an expert in medicine or history to find it a fascinating story. But readers with knowledge of the bible will discover intriguing correlations between certain stories and figures within both books.

Is the Iron Relic inspired by a real object?

The pendant in the book was inspired by a silver and turquoise cross handcrafted by Bobby’s own Papa Henry. The cross was given to Bobby as a gift by his grandfather back on his eighteen birthday.

What drove you as authors to write a story that explores the themes of miraculous healings?

As a child, Bobby’s grandfather used to tell him stories of miraculous healings associated to sacred sites such as the healing sands of the El Santuario de Chimayó in Chimayo, New Mexico. This theme stuck with him ever since.

What sort of writing techniques did you use as co-authors to develop the story and a single “author” voice?

James and Bobby come from acting backgrounds and would frequently improvise scenes from the book to flesh out the characters and develop the story lines and dialogue with a reader’s experience in mind.